Patent Services

We offer a full range of patent services including:

  • Preparation of patent applications including provisional, non-provisional, utility, and design patent applications.
  • Prosecution and maintenance of US, PCT, and foreign patents and applications.
  • Performing searches to determine patentability of potential inventions.
  • Prosecuting and pursuing intellectual property matters including responding to office actions, and conducting interviews with patent office examiners.
  • Filing and prosecution of appeals.

We provide systems which enable us to manage large portfolios of patent applications and issued patents.

  • Identifying Families of Related Patents Which May Require Special Handling by US and Foreign Patent Offices.
  • Cross-citing prior art references for families of US and Foreign Applications.
  • Provide Periodic Portfolio Summaries Which May Identify Issued Patents and Pending Patent Applications, Current Status, and Upcoming Deadlines.

  • Review known patent applications to determine current status.
  • Search public databases for other patent applications, both domestic and foreign.
  • Determine patent application families, important for complying with disclosure requirements of USPTO.
  • Flag important dates and deadlines.


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