Firm Profile

     Danner IP Law Firm attorneys are experts in intellectual property, but also are experts in technology.  We come from engineering and scientific backgrounds with real-world experience.   We have extensive, hands-on experience with engineering, manufacturing, and design.  That means we speak your language and can understand complex technologies, or even not-so-complex technologies, quickly.  Having a deeper understanding of technology and how it is implemented which allows us to write more complete applications.  We understand your inventions and anticipate how your competitors may “design around” the claims in your patent.

     We work to provide efficient patent and trademark prosecution, where we strive to obtain the strongest, most-effective patent and trademarks possible in the shortest amount of time and at the least cost.  For patent applications, we initially file claims covering multiple embodiments having scopes ranging from broad to narrow, which means we can usually get a better sense of what will be patentable earlier in the process.  When we encounter obstacles in prosecution, we often call the examiners when it is likely to clarify issues, resolve ambiguities, and understand the examiner’s positions.

     We strive to produce exceptional quality work product.  That means attorneys having the suitable technical background prepare applications, rather than just review work performed by a subordinate who may not have the technical and legal insight necessary.  We employ proprietary checklists and systems to ensure each step of the process is done properly.  We use software and systems to double-check and reduce chances of human error throughout the process.

     All legal work for U.S. patent and trademark applications is performed by us, by domestic attorneys licensed to practice law in states of the United States.  We do not send our legal work offshore to people working in foreign countries who may not understand the intellectual property laws of the United States.  

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